synapseindia php development-PHP/MySQL Tutorials for Building Web Applications

PHP/MySQL Tutorials for Building Web Applications

One of the most adaptable web development languages has to be PHP. An enormous number of open source projects are built on the PHP/MySQL database stack. Spending a bit of time learning these languages will help tremendously when customizing a WordPress or Pligg CMS project. But it’s difficult to pinpoint where you should start.

I’ve collected 27 brilliant tutorials which are perfect for beginner-to-intermediate web developers. You can pick up programming knowledge from these tutorials which usually stays with you forever. Understanding how to read PHP or SQL is almost more important than learning to program. Be sure to go through a few of these tuts and share your thoughts with us in the post discussion area.

How To Write A Simple PHP/MySQL Web Service for an iOS App

Uploading Files To MySQL Database

Upload Image to MySQL Database with PHP

Build a PHP MVC Framework in One Hour

Tutorial: Integration Avatar/Picture Uploads to User Profile

Role of PHP in Web Applications

Using MySQL Insert Statement in PHP

Using Facebook API to Connect and Store a Database

Login with Instagram OAuth using PHP

How to Authenticate Users With Twitter OAuth

Create Instagram Filters With PHP

Aspect-Oriented Programming in PHP

Managing Users with PHP Sessions and MySQL Article

Getting Started With PHP Templating

How to Make Vanity URLs using PHP, .htaccess and MySQL

A Simple PHP Mail Contact Form with MySQL

Simple Login with PHP and jQuery AJAX

URL Routing with PHP

Making an AJAX Web Chat – PHP and MySQL

Pagination with Jquery, PHP, Ajax and MySQL

Easy Dynamic RSS Feed in PHP/MySQL

Speed Tip: Enable Gzip Compression in PHP

Beginner’s Guide to Custom PHP Functions

Improving Security with a PHP Captcha

Use PHP/MySQL Date Format Correctly

Creating a Database Driven Application With PHP

Easy PDF Generation in PHP



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